Sunday, June 23, 2013

A dream of mine...

Hey everyone,
Today I thought I'd stop by and have a chat about a dream of mine....
One day I really hope to be able to go to the Magnolia store in Boras Sweden,
Oh boy it would be AMAZING!!!!!
I could just image all the fun I would have amongst all the Magnolia goodness,
and it would be oh so lovely to meet all the lovelies that work at Magnolia.
Im also sure I wouldnt be able to help but purchase lots off goodies while I'm there..
I must wish wish wish....!!!
Im so jello of all the people that have been to the Magnolia store lol...!!
I must keep dreaming and saving and wishing and hoping that one day I will get to go too..
Happy Magnolia crafting
Hugz ash


  1. Hi Ashlee!

    It's so true, the shop is A Dream Come True. It's gorgeous. I have been there and it's awesome! I sure hope one day your dream will come true!

    Big hugs,
    Monique xxx

  2. .. it's my dream too ashlee .. i am just afraid that if i did go there i may never leave .. i'll just set up camp .. lol ..

  3. I just tell you that Monique har just right!The shop is a dream and I´m so lucky to live close by...:) Just about one hour by car...If you ever go there- let me know so we can meet, it would be amazing <3
    Hugs Lillemor


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